Q: So tell us a bit about yourself ? what got you in track ?

A :  My name is Baboloki Thebe am 20 years of age.I stay in Gaborone Botswana. Hahaha i love athletics and i wanna race up my country flag high.I grew up running all my life. 

Q: What has been the low point of your career thus far ?

A : My low point is the injuries that i come have come across in the last few years but only God  knows.

Q:  What goals have you set for yourself for 2017 ?

A : My goal is to  be an unforgotten hero and reach all goals i set for myself. In 2017 it is to improve my personal best and be in top 3 at the world championships .

Q: Let's talk relays ,you recently won silver in Bahamas at the World Relays, Bostwana has emerged as a superpower in the men's 4x400m ? has this been a surprise to you ? and what's your preferred leg on the relay ?

A: I knew we were going  to scoop one of the medals at the Bahamas World Relays cause all of our athletes are in the 400m top lists this year and we are all in great form. I like running the second leg.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your down time and is a move to the States anywhere in your future ? 

A: I come from a poor family background so now any income i get i try to push it towards helping them cause now I am contracting a house so that my family can also feel the presence of myself and when i finish i will start to invest in all businesses and many more and i will like to thank my God for the talent.