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European Champion Ivet Lalova

Posted by on Saturday, August 3, 2013,

5 Questions :  Ivet Lalova ( European Champion, Olympic/World Finalist in the 100m - PB - 10.77 seconds )

Q: You've had many career highlights but which would you put above them all ? what's your shining moment in your career so far in your opinion ?

A:  In my heart its definitely the moment in 2007 when I got back on the track after I broke a femur in 2005. Skeptic doctors and people were predicting the end of my career and I proved they're wrong. It was a great feeling and I got the qua...

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GABRIEL Mvumvure of Zimbabwe

Posted by on Friday, August 2, 2013,

5 Questions :

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself for those who don't know much about you, personally  ?

A:  Well, I was born and bred in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) and that's where I started pursuing track and filed. I was fortunate enough to get an athletic scholarship to LSU and that's how I ended up in the US. Many people have problems pronouncing my last name so I will make it easy for them. It's (Voom-Voo-Ray), the M is silent, like Django. My friends call me goofy and from the looks of...

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