Q:  Tell us a bit about yourself ?

A:   Brycen Spratling. I'm from Rochester, NY.  4th year running track. I'm 5'10 . Spent the past 3 years running for university of Pittsburgh. Freshman year I attended eastern Michigan university

Q:  The U.S/Jamaica have been hit with numerous drug bans in the past few years, what are your thoughts on it . Do you have sympathy for the athletes who test positive and do you think harsh enough punishments are given ?

A: I feel like anyone that gets caught using banned substances should be done for life because it's way to hard to compete with great athletes that are taking things .

Q:  You recently made it the the 400m Finals at the USA Outdoor Champs, were u pleased ? and what's next for you trackwise ?

A: I was excited to make the final but wasn't happy with my finals performance.  Next for me is working on a sponsorship and running professionally. 

Q: What's your favorite home cooked meal ?

A:  Favorite home cooked meal would have to be my moms sweet potato casserole .. If that counts as a meal.

Q: Finally, what do you see yourself doing after T&F ?

A: After track and field I plan to go into the forensic science field. Hopefully as a crime scene investigator or finger print analyst .

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