5 Questions :  Ivet Lalova ( European Champion, Olympic/World Finalist in the 100m - PB - 10.77 seconds )

Q: You've had many career highlights but which would you put above them all ? what's your shining moment in your career so far in your opinion ?

A:  In my heart its definitely the moment in 2007 when I got back on the track after I broke a femur in 2005. Skeptic doctors and people were predicting the end of my career and I proved they're wrong. It was a great feeling and I got the qualifying times  for the 100m for the upcoming Worlds and Olympics.

Q:  What advice do you have for young athletes about taking supplements, the pros and cons of it  ?

They must always be very careful! Take only certified products and don't trust everything and everyone. I've learned something great in the last few years, That to feel good, run fast and recover properly is more about how you are eating, and the quality of the food you're eating not only about supplements. But that's one of the pros to live in Italy and have great food.

What goals have u set for yourself this year ?

They are always 3. 
2 finals at the worlds (100m&200m) - Diamond league meet win and sub 11 in 100m.

What do you enjoy doing when your not on the track ?

Well...we are always on the track somehow. The daily routine is about training and recovery or travel and racing. But I love to have dinner with friends and family or take my Labrador somewhere to swim. Yes he is obsessed with water.

Finally, tell us 3 essential things you must take with you when you go overseas to a major competition ( World/Olympics ) ?

A:  -smartphone -I -Pad -iPod ... As long as im connected with the world, have my ebooks to read, and lots of music ...I'll be OK anywhere.

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