Kim Collins is a Former World,Commonwealth and CAC 100m Champion and arguably the most consistent 100m sprinter of the last decade. Having won 2 bronze medals at the last World Champs, Kim Collins proves he is still a force to be reckoned with but his dismissal from the London Olympics have left many fans with questions......

Q : What's your take on the events that took place at the London Olympics and can we expect u to suit up for St Kitts in the future ?:

 A : What happened was really unfortunate. I felt it was total disrespect not only to me and my fans but everyone from my country also. And those watching. Such actions must be condemned. And I hope this never happens again.

 Q :Why are GBR athletes obsessed with looking like pumped up steroid junkies ? (Simeon, Harry, Dwain etc ) is it the coaching the issue ?:
 A: For some it's the coaching yes. And others just want a buff body. There is a misconception that looking like a body builder, makes you faster. That's why some people bulk up and then quickly realize that they are in the wrong sport. Big muscles don't equal speed.  It's the opposite

Q : A lot of people have been on the fence with the issue of Justin Gatlin and Dwain Chambers both being allowed to compete still, do you think they deserved a second chance and am I the only one suspicious that he is running faster ''off the drugs'' than he was ''on the drugs ''  ?

  A:The men's 100m has a bad rep when it comes to cheating. Everyone is a suspect. But once caught most persons are not so forgiving. When they return from suspension. They are under greater critics than ever before. Any athlete who runs fast is under suspicion.

Q :  Who do you believed had the performance of the year < Merritt, Felix, Fraser-Pryce or Bolt ? and why ?:

A :I think Bolt because he repeated the double. And for some reason has respect from athletes like no other. He is seen as the most respected. Others don't get that respect or command it either.

Q :What can we expect from u in the 2013 season and what are your goals you need to accomplish ?:
 A: For 2013, I will be competing for my fans. After what happened in London I found out that there are still people who enjoy seeing me compete.I will be back on the track with a new approach and new attitude. Every year I learn more and more which not only helps me to stay competitive but also motivated.