The 24-year-old  won the McCain UK Challenge in September and Finished second in the Olympic Trails and was delighted with his season, throwing a personal best of 74.82 at the Loughborough International in May.

Q: After controversially being left out of the GBR team for the Olympic games, what drove u to want to continue with the sport and what made u contemplate retirement ?

 A: Some say I'm now in this sport for the wrong reason as London was everything i wanted from my sport.. For me now its about earning a living and proving a point that i can be a major player in the throwing world CLEAN and without politics, and to try and help bring our sport into the spotlight at least with the rest of athletes as we are the only event not included in the diamond league so obviously miss a huge opportunity for earning and sponsorship as we can never be seen so hopefully they can fix that soon.
Q:  What's your take on the obscenities used by Dwain Chambers immediately after beating Adam Gemili at the trials and is Chambers an athlete u look up to ? 
A:It is an awkward situation with dwain obviously because of his past which is matter of fact, then the way he dealt with it which is partially admirable in comparison to denial at least the information was put to use to catch other dopers. not that this excuses the past, as there was a lot of doubt on form etc  and a lot of people that wanted to see him fail. the object was to win the olympic trials and then the olympics not run good times early season when they didn't count .  That said it still wasn't an A standard but he beat Gemili over 100m at the trials so the obscenity was clearly an emotional reaction just like mine when not being selected and being called a  foul in the 5th round which would have taken the lead going into the 6th….which was only reinstated after the competition.  i think it was acceptable the way it was handled as tensions were running high and an apology was made, should it have happened…..maybe not, but part of the story i can empathise with.
 Q: Why are GBR athletes obsessed with looking like pumped up steroid junkies (Simeon, Harry, Dwain etc ) is it the coaching the issue ?

Haha these guys just have very low body fat which on tv gives the effect you described haha but in reality they are tiny as I'm here with them now apart from simeon.  Harry is bigger than most but i believe it is genetics as they actively keep him out of the gym to avoid bulking but he has to get in there and train…….he's just one of those guys that touches a weight and gets hench! thats most peoples dream!  Also with Dwain and harry both working with Rana reider now at Loughborough i don't know why but i have a feeling this is going to be a good few years for the pair of them but we'll see it may take a season or two to take full effect.
 Q: What has been the highlight of your 2012 season ? 

  A: Beating my main rival 6-1 head to head leading into the olympics, increasing my PR considerably again and having a consistent year, making the european champs and breaking the scottish championship record held by my former coach.

  Q: What can we expect from u in the 2013 season ? what are your goals ?

   A: Just more of the same, i just want to stay injury free and improve year on year until i hit my peak then we'll be in business as doing it CLEAN means taking the long road.