5 Questions with David Verburg ( 400m PB - 45.03 seconds )

We got the chance to ask a couple of questions to one of the top 10 quarter milers in the world this year.....

 Q : What was the feeling like making it to the Olympic Trials finals in the men's 400m and was it a bit bittersweet just missing out on a spot in London ? 

A :  It was one of the most memorable track moments of my career. walking out into Hayward field and seeing all those fans and racing against people I used to watch on TV , was an amazing experience. Not going to lie I cried after that race to be so close to dream and narrowly missing it hurt.

Q : Personal Best in the Individual 400m at NCAA and a 4th place finish ? were u happy with your performance or expected better, as u were going in as one of the favorites ?

 A : I messed up a little in my race so I was disappointed about that. I finished my college career with a pr and was one of the fastest collegiate 400m runners can't complain .God really blessed me. 

Q : Having personally noticed the negative responses on social media when Justin Gatlin wins races , what is your personal take on him ? do you look up to him ? and do you think he/anyone in general who tests positive should be competing still ?

A:   With sports in general anyone can win or lose on any given day thats what makes it exciting. I think he is a great athlete and the fact that he is still running well while clean proves that he is one of the best 100m runners in the world. I look up to him in the fact that even after all the negative talk he came back and remained to be one of the top runners so for that he has my respect.

Q : What are your plans/goals for 2013 and the remainder of the season ?

A :  Goals are to Make the USA team in Moscow. I will also be running for the US in the World University Games. I will also be perusing a professional career. 

 Q :  Finally for the female admirers of u that view our site, what do u look for in a woman ? and are your single at the moment ? and being that you are gonna be professional soon, do you think it will be hard to determine who's in it for the fame and who is really there for u ? as many athletes have this problem when going pro .

A:   Look for someone athletic, likes to joke around and can understand my busy schedule. I am currently single at the moment. I guess I will know she is here for me if i come home after a bad race and she still has my back 100%  

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