5 Questions With : David Neville

Q: After almost 6 years of marriage in this cutthroat world of athletics, filled with groupies, what has kept you dedicated and faithful ?

 A: Honestly for me, ultimately what has kept me faithful to my wife is my relationship with God.  I know that I love him, and Jesus said if you love me, then keep my commandments.  So no matter what my feelings may be, my love for Christ and my love for my wife outweighs all others.

Q: Four years ago in the Beijing Olympics you made a dramatic dive in the 400m final to snatch the bronze medal, but 4 years later you failed to qualify, what would you say contributed to that ?

A: The things that have made it hard for me to qualify for the Olympics again has been injuries.  I've dealt with a number of injuries over the last 3 years that have made it difficult to compete and train.

Q: A lot of people have been on the fence with the issue of Justin Gatlin, do you think he deserved a second chance and am I the only one suspicious that he is running faster ''off the drugs'' than he was ''on the drugs '' -_- ?
 A: You know, honestly I am one that has no problem giving people second opportunities.  However, I do feel that rules are in place for a reason and they should be served.  Ultimately, we are told that we are responsible for ourselves, and i beleve that should always be taken into account.  I never really thought about the fact that he was running faster now than before, and to me that doesn't raise any suspicion.  I know that if i had 4-6 years rest from competition my body may be able to do more than it did previously.

 Q: Who do you believed had the performance of the year < Merritt, Allyson,Sanchez, Fraser-Pryce or Bolt ? and why ? 
  A: I would have to say Felix Sanchez.  After laying low for a while, for him to get back to this level again and win it all at his age is an awesome accomplishment. 

Q: What can we expect from u in the 2013 season and what are your goals you need to accomplish ?
A: At the moment my number one goal is to make it through the season healthy.  That has been my problem lately.  If i can stay healthy I can accomplish anything.

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