What is the major aspect do you believe has contributed to your significant progress in the last few years?

A:  I think being surrounded by great coaches and a great team who make it easy for me to learn and grasp new cues for my mechanics and technical work. Just having a thirst for knowledge for what I do .

Q:   You have been a dark horse in the 200m event for the past 3 yrs making the finals in London and Moscow, do you believe you're underestimated a bit in the event compared to your rivals despite always making the finals ?

I really don't have a problem with that , I came from a small school in Mississippi (JSU) so even in the NCAA circuit I was never regarded as a factor. It doesn't phase me, I know what I'm there to do whether I'm given the recognition or not. The times will speak for themselves lol

Q:   2015 has been great for you thus far in 200m, but you have a solid 10.10 PB in the 100m from 2013 which shows great signs but is your focus now solely on the 200m or do you hope to double in the future ?

I'm running the 100m next week. This year was more to test how my body would respond after surgery so my coaches didn't want to put too much on me. Now that I can handle it, the plan is to do more of them as I get stronger .

Q:  How is your training group and what's it like training at the World Athletics Center ?

A:   It's an awesome training group with the great coaches. Everyone feeds off each other in a positive manner and we always make sure that encourage each other, help each other when possible and there are no egos . Just a group of athletes ready to learn and work their butts off.

Q:   Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner), Olympic Decathlon Champ has caused a huge stir in the sports world with her recent gender reassignment operations. What are your thoughts on the issue and the LGBT community ?

A:  I don't really follow media like that but I feel like it's great for her to be who she has always wanted to be . She did that knowing she's gonna receive a lot of criticism and that takes a lot and it shows where her heart really is. I'm a believer of doing what feels right, and if it feels right to her, why judge ?

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