Hands down one of the sexiest athletes on the planet, we got the rare opportunity to ask him a couple questions in his first interview since the Olympics.

Q: Are u single and what do u look for in a woman ? :)

A: Yes am single but I think I like someone she is so sweet and independent she knows what she want in life an the way she makes me feel is unparallel to anything or anyone i've ever met.

Q:  If you could take 3 things on a deserted island what would it be ?

A: Food water and my queen

Q: You are clearly one of the sexiest athletes, what keeps your body in shape and those legs ;) , what's your daily routine diet ?

A: umm i workout on the track and then i go to the gym and do a series of leg workout which is really intense. I eat anything but mostly a lot of protein.

Q: If you could spend a romantic  night with two female athletes of any sport who would they be ?

A: Serena and Maria Lol

Q: Finally what can we expect from u in the upcoming track season ? what are your goals ?

A: Only god know what he has in stored for me for this year,but i'll be on the track sometime in April.

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R.I.P Coach Wayne Lewis