South African Sprint Champion ( 100/200 - PB 10.06/20.23 )

Q: What are your feelings towards The South African Olympic Committee and what do u hope they do differently when selecting for Moscow 2013 ?

A : To be honest it was painful to get that response from my Olympic Committee after what i ran in my country and they where the only people who wanted us to get such qualification so i hope for this year they wont do the same mistakes they did last year

Q:  What goals do you hope to achieve in the 2013 season ?

 A: I just want to prove to them that whatever they did last year it was a mistake and i wanna improve my time

Q:  Upon hearing the news of Oscar Pistorius , what was your initial reaction and do you think he will ''get off '' 

A : OK that it was a shock to everyone in the world because no one expected such news so like i was amazed to hear that and especially by Oscar but you never know the reason why that happened and i don't know if he will get off that one i cant comment

Q : You ran 10.31 in Stellenbosch, happy with that performance ? and do u think u still have some aspects to work on ?

A : I'm not happy about that performance even though it was my first one i was expecting better what i ran but you know i think there is a reason why i started with such time because last year i was running fast every time so because of the long winter program i did i think thats why i ran that time

Q : How do you feel about peoples perception that u don't run well in Europe ? and do you plan of racing a lot there this season ?

 A : People obviously were disappointed because of not running good in Europe but they understood the conditions that when there is the  pressure of big competition against big athletes and about competition it depends on my fitness and if I'm injury free but I'll  love to compete in many races after Moscow