Q:  Reflect on your 2014 season, were you happy with it  ?

A : My 2014 season was a great one. I was more consistent in the 400m running 46sec all the time and I made a drop in the 200m to 20.58, so yes I'm happy

Q: Explain your decision to go to South Plains College, one of tracks most successful junior colleges of all time ?

A : I didn't have all the requirements to go to a Division one school so I had to go to a junior college in which south plains was the best choice.

Q:  Last year the 200m at Nationals was dominated by 400m specialists Lalonde Gordon and Renny Quow, with the 200m specialists finishing down the pack,  does it make it more difficult for you in qualifying for Worlds/Olympic or does it motivate you ?  Do you think there is a possibility of forming a 4x200m team for the World Relays ?

A : It makes it difficult but it also motivates me to work harder and with all this competition in the 200m everyone should run a fast time. With regards to a world relays 4x200m relay team I think that Trinidad and Tobago would have a very strong team. I also think that we could have medaled in the last world relays 4x200m if given the opportunity.

Q: The 200m event has been in a decline for the past couple of years in T&T , give your thoughts on it and why 100m sprinters from T&T abstain from competing in the event ?

A :  I think that most 100m sprinter shy away from the 200m because they don't want to run the risk of getting injured.

Q: Finally what goals have you set for yourself in 2015 and which event have you decided to focus on more ? the 200m or 400m ?

A : My goals for 2015 are to always give 100% in everything race I run, to cut down on my times in both the 400 and 200m, to make a name for myself so that a professional career can be easily obtained and to always thanks god for my victories.

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