Q: For someone who was twice nearly not put through, making it to week 3 of the Live Shows must have been quite a blessing ? Were you happy 
with your journey ?

A : 
I am really happy with my journey on the X-factor . When i auditioned i struggled to think how I would fit in as I never thought i was the typical xfactor contestant in the way that I'm not all about dancing and massive stage productions with dancers , but after gaining the support from the audience at the 6 chair challenge I began to feel accepted and going through the first week of the live shows was great as i could see that people were actually voting for me , so getting as far as I did in the show does make me feel really blessed and I'm happy I have been accepted for being me which means the world.

Q  :A lot of fans criticized some of your song choices, do you think song choices are important and do you think it played a part in your elimination ? 

A : Song choices are really important on the show as you need to have songs that can show off not only your vocals but who you are as an artist . This was something i felt i was on top of until the judges houses stage. When the live shows started I made a few mistakes and lost focus on who i was becoming as an artist in the thought that i needed to show different sides of my voice for people to stay interested. This was mostly the case for me in this last show on Saturday . I had my heart set on purple rain by Prince, a song that I had been told by Simon I would get but unfortunately as it turned out it wasn't possible due to licensing issues so I went with Simon's choice of Secret Garden . I knew that the song wouldn't show off my vocal range and everyone around me were telling me i needed to get a song which allowed me to show off the top range of my voice but as I was so set on Purple rain , by Friday when I was told it was not possible I settled with Secret garden . I love Bruce Springsteen and i love the song but the risk i took with it was singing a song that was more about the soft tone , emotion and the story and i think because it was so different from what i had previously done the public couldn't really get it . But as much as it was Simon's choice for me , the process in choosing songs go between Simon, the music team and myself and they do say that if there is a song that you feel strongly towards or against they will always let you the artist have the final say so my regret is that i wasn't more vocal about securing a stronger 2nd choice song .

Q: Your vocal performance at Judges houses was one of the best of all contestants, but for the live shows it seemed like you were more restrained, why is this ?

As touched on in question 2 when it came to the live shows it felt like i needed to step out of the box and show different sides of myself , being in the live shows everything moves so fast and your doing 100 things a day and working constantly on different things so i did felt i needed to listen more to the team and trust their judgement but as an artist that was a fundamental mistake as I should have been more adamant on securing the right songs that would of worked for me to show my full potential . I am really happy with how far I've got and that Ive stayed true to who i am as a person so I hope people can judge me by what i have done as a whole rather than last weeks show.

Q :Can we expect new music from you before the year ends ? Would love to hear an EP soon with original material from you. .   ?

A : Now it is really important that i look back at my time in the show and learn from the things i have done right and the things that went wrong and ensure that i take the right steps towards the career I have always dreamed about so as soon as I am sure on where it is right for me to go i will do everything i can to open the right doors and make music that not only I feel represents me as an artist but also that people can connect to and understand . My dream is to make music that can make a difference to people's lives and my wish is to make music that can do that and inspire people to feel good so that's what I'm going to ensure that I do . 

Q:  We know your a big fan of blues music, will that be the direction your going with your music or can we expect contemporary or even reggae music ?  P.s we think Reggae soul suits you and we need more artist like you in mainstream music .   

 I will always be taking inspiration from the genres in music that made me fall in love with music, such as blues , reggae and soul but i do need to make sure that whichever style of music I end up doing correctly represents me in the best form . I'm not throwing away the possibility that reggae/soul could be something I would do as i feel its something I would really love but I do have to be careful that I don't take any wrong steps so people don't misunderstand me any further.

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