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Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex (Official Video)

Posted by on Thursday, October 20, 2016,

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X Factor UK Week 2 Review : Relley C steals the show

Posted by on Tuesday, October 18, 2016,

Freddy Parker - Solid performance from Freddy. miles better than his week 1 performance. Not really
a song that shows he's fighting to stay in the competition.  B 

Emily Middlemas -  After last weeks disaster, Emily picks herself up and shows us just why we loved
her. Great performance and simplicity.  B+

Matt Terry -  His performance last week was hard to top but another fantastic vocal by him.  A- 

Relley C - In the past, X Factor hasn't been kind to ''urban'' artists but if there is one who ...

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X Factor UK Week 1 Review : Matt Terry, 5 After Midnight lead the way

Posted by Carter One on Sunday, October 9, 2016,

5 After Midnight  - Perfect way to open the show...stage presence,dancing,vocals were a bit iffy
in the first half of the performance but they definitely pulled it out the bag. early contender -  A 

Sam Lavery -  She has a great voice but lacks the passion and vocal grit to pull off this song
as well as James Arthur did in 2012. Very underwhelming and SHOUTY.   C +

Saara Alton -  Great voice... theatrics. you can tell saara is a diva. but can she sell records ?  B +

Ryan Lawrie -  Decent voice...

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