First Richard Kilty, now Luke Relay guy Ford ‘’came for me ‘’ but haven’t they learned? Don’t come for me UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU. It seems in the U.K the slang to insult someone is to insult someones mom…as Kilty did it to me in the past as well.  Are we in 2002? Is mother Jokes still funny? lol have several seats. This here is how you DON’T behave in a public forum especially when you are a public figure.  I am not a public figure so I don’t have anyone looking up to me.. YOU DO !!  So sad though I was a fan of him but he came out of nowhere when I never even was talking about him.  He chose to defend his ‘’girl ‘’ Kilty but I digress. America has a thing called freedom of speech and I will continue to do it on my platform of nearly 6,000 twitter followers while u do it to your fan base of 3 k .  It seems like GB athletes spend more time entertaining ‘’trolls’’ than improving on their lackluster individual talent… Thank God for relays cause some of these people, we would never even see them on a track otherwise.

Peace. Love & Chicken Grease

Xo Carter