Unfathomable  Phantasmagoria ( R&B/Gospel/Pop)  is the follow up to Jahmene's #1 debut album Love Never Fails which debuted at #1 on the album charts back in 2013.

Here is our track by track review of the album. 

Never Too Far Away   - One of the standout tracks on the album. The Perfect description of the type of music he should be making.. This Gospel/Soul track is giving me Mary Mary vibes.   - A +

Love - Great track . Good single material.   This song suits Jahmene's voice perfectly and I believe this should have been one of the earlier singles .    A 

Catch the Rhythm - One of the weakest tracks on the album.. Not feeling the poppy vibe of the track and it doesn't work with his voice   -   C

Tornado -   Similar to the track above... doesn't work well with Jahmene's voice.   B-

Down For Love - One of the singles from the album.. Powerful .. emotive ..Lyrics burn deep . This is the
perfect example 
of the lane Jahmene should stick to musically   -  A+

Get it Right - Love this song... an album filler though.  That glory note at the end though.. DAMNNN  - B 

Is this the Time - I like this song .. It's good... Don't think it was single material though.  -  B

Look UP  - My favorite track on the album. Old school r&b vibes with the beat and lyrically gospel.. The
in the song makes it even more special .  A +

When I see You -  The simplicity of the latter songs on this album .. Jahmene's voice is so smooth -  A

My Faith -   Great vocal performance on this song.  These songs are what Jahmene needs to release
to target 
the gospel audience which I can see doing well in the U.S .   -  A -

I  Wish  - a good song lyrically but don't do much for me beyond that -  B -

Forever and Eternity -  a bit of cliche lyrically which we think a couple of track needs help with but
Jahmene's voice shines yet again on this .   A - 

Reach You  -  Powerful song. Power voice.. Literally brought me to tears  . A+

If you Just -  The perfect closer for the album. The vocal performance of the Album. The choir on this
track combined 
with Jahmene's voice is like putting peanut butter and jelly together...
You just know it belongs . - A+++

Overall Album Grade -  4.5/5 stars ( A) 

My life was officially slayed on track 10-16 of this album. Anyone of these songs could have been the
single.I think Jahmene's issue with this album is he seemed to be trying to target too much audiences.
At one point it seem pop oriented.. gospel oriented and then soul oriented.
I think sticking to the gospel/soul  route is the perfect niche for Jahmene that allows him to shine
especially on tracks like : Look Up, Never Too Far Away, If You Just, Love, My Faith.