5 After Midnight  - Perfect way to open the show...stage presence,dancing,vocals were a bit iffy
in the first half of the performance but they definitely pulled it out the bag. early contender -  A 

Sam Lavery -  She has a great voice but lacks the passion and vocal grit to pull off this song
as well as James Arthur did in 2012. Very underwhelming and SHOUTY.   C +

Saara Alton -  Great voice... theatrics. you can tell saara is a diva. but can she sell records ?  B +

Ryan Lawrie -  Decent voice. was weak at the beginning of the song.. Could not hear the song. 
thought his stage presence would be better.. bleh....    B -

Gifty Louise - Risky song choice.. her weakest vocals yet.       B -

Relley C - one of my all time fav songs.. vocal perfection by Relley. wish they kept it fully soulful
than trying to switch up the style but this was as close to perfect as can be.   A

Matt Terry - not one flaw in this performance.. vocal perfection. the early favorite.  A +

Freddy Parker -  If freddy had stuck by the piano he would have gotten an A rating from us. 
When he decided to leave the piano halfway through... He lost it slightly. love his tone.   B+

Bratavio -  Horrible..not gonna give anymore words.   D

Emily Middlemas -  Vocally was her weakest yet. Toxic would have been better for her.  C

Honey G - amazing entertainment factor but a mid life crisis mess.   F

Who's at risk :  Bratavio,Ryan,Samantha, Gifty, Freddy.

I don't think Freddy Parker should be at risk but the online response to his performance has
been pretty mixed. I hope he gets through though.