As we all know and have said time and time again, its not what you do but who you know and in athletics it seems the same rules applies. A young talented runner who has made a major global individual final in the last year..which 2 out of 4 members of the team have never accomplished but yet he was sidelined because he didn't know the right people. Do their faces all look familiar ? the same exact people who competed in Beijing once again took the same exact spots in the London relay team but the question that no one asked is why is the 1st,2nd,4th and 5th placed runners at trials running both the heats and the finals ? The simple answer is they are the veterans and no matter who runs faster they will have the final say on who runs. Was it jealousy that because their most consistent runner was beaten in trials and lost his spot in the individual 100 so they decided to spite the individual who qualified in his own right for both the 100 and 200 ?

These are questions that will forever be left unanswered because no one really cared about the unknown kid who came 3rd in the trials in the 100m and ran a Pb but yet failed to compete in the relay. He left London without a medal while athletes who placed 5th in trials with Pb's of 10.05/20.40 walked home with a second Olympic bronze. If we sit back and take an analysis of the relay team,its in the worse state it has been in years and they scraped for that medal having to get it because of a DQ , why ? because we are choosing who are our friends and who we are cordial with but not the ones who has the talent. Please don't make this mistake again. Why would a professional body that governs athletics leave it up to the Torpedo to decide who runs the relay? who is he ? because he ran the national record( and after that never came close to it) won one global individual medal in his whole career and then declined compared to Mr.Boldon's incredible longevity but yet the Torpedo is our senior authority on deciding who runs  ? Please do not make the same mistake in Russia.. CHOOSE THE RIGHT ATHLETES AND NOT THE ONES WHO HAVE FRIENDS IN THE RIGHT PLACES !!!!!! thanks....:)