This year 2013, the IAAF World Track and Field Championships in Moscow Russia, will be another opportunity for this country's  athletes to excel on the biggest stage in the sport. 2012 brought great success to this country, when 19 year old Keshorn Walcott won this country second Olympic Gold medal and first in a field event. There are many firsts when one looks at the accomplishment of this young man, being the only the second from the western hemisphere to win Olympic Gold in the men Javelin event and the youngest to do so, the gold medal though was not the only medal won by this country. We won three other medals, all being bronze. This gives us all bigger expectation and hope that they all achieve great things this year, in their event. As we look forward to what could be a very exciting year in the sport, some of this country’s long lasting records in some of the events, one will hope that those records will be broken this year, for example the men 400m, national record, held by Olympic finalist at both 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games in Seoul and Barcelona, that record of 44.21 was set in the Barcelona final, where Ian Morris finished 4th, sadly just missing a bronze medal. With the likes of 2009 world championship bronze medalist Renny Quow, the 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist in the 4x400m  Deon Lendore, the expectation is that, that long standing record will be broken this year.   

Having said that, the expectation for the years World Championships must be guarded, for the likes of Kelly Ann Baptiste, Deon Lendore, Keshorn Walcott among others then there is a great opportunity for those athletes to set a new precedent for track and field in this country. It will be remiss of me if I did not look at the lack of young women in the sport, the participation in the sport is low, far less to mention the quality among young female athletes, with Kelly Ann Baptiste in her prime and young upcoming stars such as Sparkle McKnight, it is important for the administrators pay attention to the young talent and take upon them self to see that there are more young women in the sport. To the world championships though, what will we define as a successful championships, at last world championships in Daegu, South Korea, this country won one from sprinter Kelly Ann Baptiste, she won Bronze in the women's
 100m. Only 200m sprinter Rondel Sorillo finished seventh in the final were individual finalist, the men and women sprint relay teams did make the final. But having over most successful Olympic Games performance, the expectation is that there will be more than one medal to celebrate this year. For this to happen though, all must be on board , from administrators to government to athlete must sing from the manuscript.          

    Looking at the prospects for this years World championships, the best place to start will be with is Olympic Javelin champion, Keshorn Walcott, the Olympic champion this year the prospects are different, he is longer the hunter but the hunted, so far this season, he has found this a bit though, although he had a season's best performance of 84.39m, on the Diamond league circuit he had found things a bit hard, whether it is travel or just adjusting to a life as a professional athlete but his Best throw in Europe so far being 79m , which is far from his best performance. The World championships though will provide him with a chance to improve on those performances, the pressure for him though will be tremendous, not only will his opponents will be going after him but those in this country will be expecting nothing less than gold, although people particularly in this country will be wise not to exert any additional pressure on the young man shoulder, we must not forget he is 19 years old. From the youngest to one of that has yet to full any of his potential, Keston Bledman, leading up to last years Olympic Games, Bledman ran 9.88, 9.85w, 9.93 and 9.86 at the national championships, despite those amazing times when the London Olympics came around his performances was not up the same standard, whether it was injury or not being able to handle pressure, he did not have the same performances. This year though provides a new opportunity for a clean slate, his performances so far this year,  there hasn't been any sub ten times but his focus looks more at the World championships, providing that he can handle the pressure when it matters most, who knows a World championship medal could be around his neck.       

        Lalonde Gordon and Deon Lendore won the bronze medals in the 4x400m in London.. Lalonde, some has described this talented 400m runner as crazy, a jovial character, this young man believes that he can run sub 44 but he said he will do that this year. His performances though been far from that, times of 46.6, 46.3 and much improved 45.67, is well short of those lofty times, is he capable of sub 44 maybe, this writer will say that he cant, he will be careful of making public predictions, the good thing for the athlete, his times are improving, can he medal at this years championships, he can but the field the will likely included Lashawn Merritt of the United States, Olympic Champion Kirani James of Grenada, Luguelin Santos of Dominican Republic all have gone sub 45, so it will be interesting see what he will deliver in what is expected to be a mouth-watering final in Moscow.  Deon Lendore in contrast to Gordon has been in very good form this year, from the NCAA indoor circuit where he had the three fastest time in the world indoors, his outdoors performances has been also impressive with a personal best time of, 45.00 and other times of 45.02 and 45.10, Can he improve his performances at the world championships ?, if he is able to improve and not suffer from burn out with affect a lot of college athletes who progress at the world championships or the Olympic games, making the final is very possible.           

  Sprint Queen Kelly Ann Baptiste, is looking to be the first woman from this country to medal at successive world championships, for this to happen though Baptiste will defeat the likes of Olympic Champion Shelly ann Fraser-Pryce, Carmelita Jeter, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Blessings Okagbare and possibility of Alyson Felix to be part of what is expected to be an amazing line-up. This Baptiste has run only one 100m, her time 11.06; her main rivals have all gone faster, for Baptiste though her focus will be achieve her maximum performance at the world championships, once she can do that, their every possibility that she will be a medalist.

    Richard Thompson and Marc Burns two of the senior athletes that is likely to make the team, both are known to deliver their best performance at major championships, both athletes presently are not in the best of form but it will take a brave person to write off both gentlemen to deliver their best performance at the World Championships. Can they medal individually ? it will be difficult but not impossible, once they are in the final, they have a chance. Their best chance comes  in the 4x100m where they a strong force and should medal once everyone is on song. The mens 4x400m relay, promises to be our best ever, with Lalonde Gordon, Renny Quow both have run sub 45 seconds and Deon Lendore 45 seconds and the possibility of going of him going even faster, Jarrin Solomon personal best being season best time of 45.6, a showdown with the United States 4x400m relay team looms, can they defeat an American team with LaShawn Merritt in imperious form, it will take their best time to accomplish such a performance. The national record of 2:59.4 should be surpassed, with one the best anchorman in the world Deon Lendore whose average split time of 44.4 should make for a great show.        

So What about Jehue Gordon, who surprised the world in 2009 world championships in Berlin when he placed 4th in a time of 48.26 in men's 400m hurdles, missing the bronze by three-one hundredth of a second at age seventeen, what of his chances ?. Gordon’s season best time of 49.04 so far, he has a personal best time of 47.96 which he produced at last Olympic Games, in London. For him to medal, will depend on the amount of mistakes he makes, the hurdles being such a technical event, means the least mistakes u make at each hurdle will increase his chance at the podium.  Wayne Davis II in the 110 hurdles and Sparkle McKnight, the opportunity for them to improve should be the objective and generally that should be the objective of every single member than puts on the red Adidas kit will be to improve on their last performance, as for medal prediction, I will refrain from that, to be cliché, if they all achieve they best who know any number  of medals is possible.